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Being housekeeping uniform suppliers for more than 2 decades, team DAC’s INC understands the significance of wearing the right clothes at work. Customers today not only consider comfort and durability but also, the style and versatility for workers to stay productive without worrying about other things. Designing a uniform for housekeeping staff is more difficult because, their job is physically demanding. Hence, DAC’s INC develops top-quality products with impeccable clothing to give your staff the timeless style and maximum comfort.

Wearing a good housekeeping uniform displays the principles and the level of professionalism in a company. It also sets the employee apart from the crowd by building brand identity, credibility and awareness of the company.

Why should staff wear DAC’s Uniform?

DAC’s is a housekeeping uniform supplier that designs durable and relaxed uniforms to offer optimum benefits. Making uniforms is a daunting task, due to various reasons such as patterns, fit, colour combinations and options available.

Following are some of the innovative features of our uniforms.

  • Light weight: Our uniforms are exclusively designed using lightweight fabrics for extreme comfort without compromising on the quality and durability factor. In addition, to light weight we add large pockets and various compartments to increase the functionality of the uniform.

  • Customization: To increase the brand value we add logos, badges, various patterns, which increase the credibility of the brand

  • Protective: Housekeeping operators work under various conditions which expose them to sun, dirt, liquids and more. So, we ensure our garment offers them maximum safety against these harsh elements.

  • Appropriate Fitting: Housekeeping is a job that requires a lot of movement, so our designers make garments that are dynamic and well-fitted. Our housekeeping uniforms look fresh and new even after wearing it multiple times.

  • Increase your credibility and brand awareness order your uniforms from DAC’S INC today!

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