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Hospitality Uniform

Hospitality uniform is a very unique and niche segment in the apparel industry. The various departments and duties of the employee require special detailing while making the garment selection. DAC’s INC has the expertise in designing and planning the uniforms for hospitality industry. Our collective range varies from apron, shirts, pants, waistcoat and many more options to pick from. We work intimately with hospitality industry to comprehend their needs and spending plan. Our uniforms are designed to make your employees feel comfortable and look stylish at work.

DAC’S INC helps you build a strong hospitality brand?

Professionally designed: Our uniforms are exclusively designed for the hospitality industry that enhance company’s branding and service quality. At DAC’s we pride ourselves as we make high quality functional uniforms. Every detail in the uniforms including the zips, pockets, seams are meticulously stitched so that, they set you apart and also give you high functionality.

Build Team Spirit: A good quality uniform develops a sense of equality amongst the staff.

Company Branding: The uniforms that we design for hotels, housekeeping staff and restaurants come with an option of customization and company branding. When uniforms are personalised right with, colour code, pattern, logo, badges, tag lines, etc. it becomes easy recognize the brand. It also instill’s a brand into the public awareness, which in turn gives your brand the edge over others.

DAC’S INC strives hard to make fashionable and expressive uniforms that are smart, comfortable and fashionable. Call us or drop us an email for more information.

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H102-Chef Coat 10 Button
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H105-Chef Coat concealed 7 Button
H101-Chef Coat 5 Button
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H109-Boiler Suit
H110-Denim Shirt
H111-Light Blue Shirt
H112-White Shirt